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Investing in a solar system for your business or home is one of the smartest things to do. Some of our customers have solar systems installed that are self sufficient for their daily consumption of energy. Please call now to set up an appointment with one of our consultants @ 619-454-1406.


Solar Panels also called Photovoltaic Modules convert sunlight into usable electricity. Wired together solar panels can create an array which can power appliances, homes and even large commercial buildings. Harnessing the power of the sun, people are empowered to product their own clean realizable electricity. Solar Electricity is the only form of energy production that doesn’t involve any moving parts, substantially decreasing maintenance requirements and increasing reliability and long equipment life. Solar Panels can help you become more energy independent, reduce your carbon footprint and will save you money by producing your own electricity.

Mitsubishi Electric photovoltaic modules are designed for both commercial and domestic applications suitable for grid-connected systems, and offer both high performance and reliability. These polycrystalline PV modules are manufactured to the strictest engineering guidelines to meet the strict requirements of international quality standards (UL 1703, IEC61215, TÜV Safety Class II).

Mitsubishi Electric is dedicated to bringing you the latest in solar electric technology. Our state of the art research and development facilities are constantly discovering new ways to improve PV module efficiency and performance to maximize the amount of electricity your solar system can produce. Modules with high efficiency not only make effective use of limited space, but also contribute to lowering cost by reducing the number of modules in use.

Solder-free Cells

For the silver electrodes formed on the solar cell surface, we have succeeded in developing a composition and manufacturing process that excel in environmental resistance. This has paved the way to the industry-first introduction of mass-produced “solder-coatingless cells” — which, as the name suggests, require no solder coating. This removes lead which is harmful to the human body, while the expanded light reflection effects with the solderless status improve cell efficiency.

Mitsubishi Electric has developed fine grid electrodes for the solar cell manufacturing process, an advance that has effectively expanded the solar cell light receiving area to realize high-efficiency cells.

BSF (Back Surface Field) Structure

Adoption of an optimal BSF structure has broadly improved solar cell efficiency.

Anti-reflective Coating

Use of anti-reflective coating shuts out solar rays that reflect off solar cells, thereby heightening cell efficiency

Highly Efficient Modules

Mitsubishi Electric has developed a unique “Protection Bar” back side module. The combination of high-strength glass and Protection Bar can pass the static load test 5400 Pa of IEC61215 2nd edition. The Protection Bar also easily meets the requirements of 545 grams (1.18 pound) steel ball drop-testing from a height of 1.295 meters (51 inches).

Since 1959, Sharp has been a leader in the solar electric industry with efficient, affordable systems. From the world’s first solar-powered calculator to solar-powered residential and commercial applications, Sharp powers more homes and businesses than any other solar manufacturer in the world.

Today, Sharp offers more product choices so that an installer can create a system that’s customized specifically for your home. And with Sharp’s proven history of reliability and customer satisfaction, you can make the switch to solar with the assurance that we’re here to stay. Our 25-year limited warranty is a promise you can trust.

Solar Electricity Makes Sense Today

Solar electricity is quickly becoming the energy option of choice for many Americans. The advantages for you, your family and the environment are compelling and easy to understand. And with Sharp’s help, having a solar electric system installed on your home has never been easier.

Off Grid
Using breakthrough technology made possible by nearly 50 years of proprietary research and development. Sharp’s ND-130UJF solar module incorporates (36) 155 mm square solar cells with an advanced surface texturing process to increase light absorption and improve efficiency. Common applications include cabins, solar power stations, pumps, beacons, and lighting equipment.

Engineering Excellence
High module efficiency for an outstanding balance of size and weight to power and performance.

Tempered glass, EVA lamination and weatherproof backskin provide long-life and enhanced cell performance.

25-year limited warranty on power output