Project Management

A.H.INC is dedicated to develop a long-term working relationship with clients to provide the most cost effective and timely execution of their projects.

Project management is something we enjoy doing providing our expertise to manage projects from a room addition to a community development. Our architects and engineers are here to help. With our current network of hundreds of the best subcontractors we can insure you the best craftsmanship at a competitive cost.

A.H.INC is committed to keeping the scope of a project in the “Owner’s Control” by acting as an extension of the Owner’s management team and assisting in the selection and coordination of project resources best suited to the project.

The Principals and staff associated with A.H.INC. have created a “history of success” with some of the biggest and successful builders in San Diego in costing, scheduling, and managing capital projects from the conceptual stage through to completion, with a smooth hand over to the Owner’s operations team or individual.

A.H.INC is staffed with personnel of proven background. Our depth of construction experience, our scheduling professionals, and our customized “A.H.INC Cost Control System”, ensures that the Owner’s projects are designed with economy and quality in mind and that budget vs. actual costs and schedules are current and closely monitored.
The project management and construction services we offer include:

  1. Project and Construction Management duties such as:
    • Project Coordination and Administration;
    • Construction supervision, coordination, and inspection of on site construction activities;
    • Contract administration;
    • Procurement and Expediting;
    • Project cost control and reporting;
    • Project scheduling and reporting;
    • Project quality control;
    • Start-up and commissioning;
    • Equipment inspection; and
    • Risk Analysis.
  2. Preliminary planning, costs and scheduling. We have a reliable database of past completed project costs and schedules.
  3. Development of construction level cost estimating, budgeting, scheduling, and reporting.
  4. Assisting the Owner in calling, analyzing, and awarding tenders for Engineering and Procurement Services.
  5. Value input during design and engineering to ensure economical and efficient construction. This includes design and specification reviews and the preparation of pipe spool drawings.
  6. Pre-construction evaluations and logistic analysis of initial needs such as camp, temporary plant and services, freight, transportation, availability of local labor, site accessibility for equipment deliveries and personnel travel.
  7. Assessing and qualifying local contractors insuring they are licensed, bonded, insured and with the proper experience.
  8. Contract tender preparation and calling, evaluation, and recommendations to the Owner for the final selection and award of the various construction contracts.
  9. Preparation and administration of construction contracts on behalf of the Owner.
  10. Procurement of material and equipment including material quantity take-off, expediting, shipping, receiving, and warehousing.

Bringing Value to the Project

A.H.INC has often been asked to provide our experienced and knowledge to help bring added value to a project from the design stage:

  • Providing a comparative analysis to other projects of a similar nature;
  • Unbiased consideration of the best available resources to engineer, construct, and deliver bulk materials and equipment to a project;
  • Independent input to pre-construction activities on behalf of the Owner including engineering constructibility, consideration of alternatives, project strategizing, scheduling, and cost system preparation with a view to improving the project’s schedule, costs and execution;
  • Negotiating with contractors and material suppliers to obtain the best prices for the work involved;
  • Developing practical and workable contract documents incorporating construction management techniques and know-how;
  • Developing and pursuing the project schedule to identify all Consultant/Owner activities, group interactions and critical path items;
  • Developing a comprehensive and user friendly cost system to monitor and control project costs and purchases;
  • Maintaining communication between the Owner and the consultants, contractors, major vendors and government where appropriate;
  • Researching and inspecting used equipment;
  • Providing qualified personnel to handle the site construction management;
  • Monitoring the various consulting groups as they participate in the development of the project;
  • Seeking to independently achieve the best value cost for a project for the lowest cost;
  • Seeking to achieve or beat the project schedule initiatives.

Controlling the Project

A.H.INC has developed a number of systems and procedures to control projects, including:

  • Procedures Manual and Project Forms/System
  • Cost Monitoring and Control
  • Scheduling
  • Contract Status Reporting
  • Contractor Progress Tracking/Forecasting
  • Consultant Progress Tracking/Forecasting
  • Procurement Control
  • Productivity Reporting
  • Expediting Reporting
  • Warehousing and Inventory Reporting
  • System Testing
  • Commissioning

There are a number of additional procedures available for use by the construction management forces at site. The A.H.INC Project Procedures, established at the start of a project, details all systems necessary to fully manage the work through the pre-construction and construction phases.

Managing Project Costs

The purpose of the A.H.INC Cost Management System is to provide both the client and the project team with an effective and dynamic cost monitoring and control tool. The system allows construction costs to be monitored on a continuous basis to compare actual costs to the budget, enabling corrective action to be taken immediately if needed. It has been specifically designed for the construction management level of project needs. It includes the ability to provide:

  • Development of departments of operations.
  • Budgets, commitments, forecasts, and variances;
  • Accounts Payable;
  • Control of purchase orders and contracts.The types of cost reports available include:
  • Project Area Cost Report,
  • Project Detailed Cost Report,
  • Committed Cost Report – sorted as required,
  • Cash Flow Projections,
  • Detailed Cost Report by type of expenditure,
  • Cost variances,
  • Superintendent reports.
  • Property manager reports.

Scheduling the Project

A.H.INC primarily utilizes a variety of computerized scheduling techniques to monitor and control projects such as Microsoft’s Project Planner and personally designed excel programs.

Initially, A.H.INC prepares a Master Project Schedule to define the project’s targets and milestones, as well as all the detailed component activities required for successful project control.

The schedule is a critical path type of network, prepared with input from the Owner, Project Manager, Construction Manager and Trade Specialists. It is coordinated by an experienced Project Scheduler. In addition to construction activity sequencing, it also establishes the engineering details and capital equipment delivery requirements. The schedule is generally construction driven, and activities preceding field activities are scheduled to meet with the desired construction needs.

The schedule acknowledges the most effective cashflow and use of resources to complete the project within the established timeframe. A large selection of graphics and reports are available to the project team depending on their needs.

Construction contractors invited to bid on the project are required to schedule their work to “dovetail” with the Master Project Schedule.

The Contractor is required to produce a more detailed Construction schedule two weeks after contract award for A.H.INC’s review and approval.

Contractor’s schedules are monitored by A.H.INC on a regular basis.